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Mosaïcultures Internationales

A worldwide event as the name implies, Mosaïcultures Internationales™ is both a competition and an exhibition whose participants present something of their culture through the spectacular, highly specialized horticultural medium known as “Mosaïcultures.”

To listen to all my MIX and MEGAMIX, just go to the bottom of your screen and you will see the ORANGE Wikplayer.To OPEN or CLOSE the PLAYLIST, move your mouse pointer at your RIGHT and click on the ICON with a little music note. It will open the playlist and if you click back on it then it will close the playlist.
In the PLAYLIST at your RIGHT, you can choose a SONG, if you click on one of the song, the Mix will start playing. You can also click on the ARROW at your left of the ORANGE Wikplayer and play the music too.
If you wanna change to the next song, click on the left or right ARROW to change it. To fast forward the song click in the BROWN SQUARE in the MIDDLE and move it to your RIGHT or LEFT, but first you have to wait a bit before doing so, because it as to load.
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